To access most of our wiki features you must JOINthe wiki. Below is the series of steps you will need to follow in order to join.

1) Make sure you have a
professional educational email.
This is an email that clearly indicates your identity to the recipient. Email addresses like
bubblegirl1234@yahoo.commean little to me and usually are deleted without being read. An email likejoneslucy@gmail.com

indicates the identity of the mailer. As you apply for jobs, college, etc., having a professional email will be valuable. If you don't have a professional sounding email already I recommend creating a gmail account through google. It is free, and will provide convenient access to many of googles powerful web tools (set up an account with google and then a gmail).

2) Go to wikispaces.com and sign up for a wikispaces account. Create a username that identifies you to others that know you, but does not use your full name. For example my username is pvino. CHOOSE A PASSWORD YOU WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER!!!!!
If you already have a username from another class, keep that identity, but feel free to change your email to your professional email using your account settings found at the top of the page

3) Now refresh this page and click on the "join this wiki" link in the upper left corner. You will be prompted to send me a message. In this message please include your full name and class period. Within 24 hours I'll accept you as a member.

4) Visit this page edmodo-logo.gifto create an edmodo account and join our edmodo class

Visit the class portal for your section. Read the Q&A (allow yourself some time- get a snack and comfortable spot), and then complete the welcome survey.