Templates for Standard Assignments
This describes how to keep your binder for our class
The standard template for column notes
A common C level choice that allows you to have fun with your notes.
A B level choice that challenges you to show you understand how ideas are related. Download C-Map tools to use on your computer at home for free! Follow this Link for a C-Map how to.
glogster3.jpgedu.glogster.com is a site where students can create interactive, collage style posters. A "Glog" can include audio clips, such as music and narration, video clips, Web links, digital images, and text.

It is another challenging option for a B level project.

Current Science is a flexible A level choice that allows you to explore a topic related to our current unit. Use the resources on the Current Science page as a starting point. Use the rubric to guide your final product.

Would you like to propose your own A level project (perhaps with friends)? Look here for ideas.

Creating Cartoons or "children's books" is another tool for exploring content. Below are some suggestions:

Comic Tools

Virtual childrens book at tikatok

For Labs