Use the checklist below to guide you. Write your Haiku in Word, and then paste your Haiku to the page for the video you chose.Be sure your Haiku is in color and signed with your first name, last initial, and class period.

1. Is the Haiku 3 lines?
2. Does the Haiku contain 5 syllables in the first line?
3. Does the Haiku have 7 syllables in the second line?
4. Does the Haiku have 5 syllables in the third line?
5. Is the biological subject obvious?
6. Does the Haiku contain a pause after the first or second line?
7. Doe.s the Haiku bring to mind an image and is not merely a statement of fact?
8. Does the Haiku involve humor or irony (as the best Haiku poems will)?

Has plasma membrane
Proteins get outside signals,
Also transports wastes.
Marisa O.
1st pd.

Sodium goes out
Potassium is welcome,
Through protein pumps.
Joe G.

Phosphate groups flowing
Proteins traveling over seas,
Carrying them through.
Mike L.
Period 1.

Pasing throughwith fight,
no water allowed in cell,
swishing and swabing.
Kevin M.
Period 1