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This activity is to help you visualize the process by which a cell can go rouge!

Cancer Tutorial

Cancer Brochure Project

Web Research Links
  • American Cancer Society Links to cancer information, cancer prevention news and cancer treatment options:

  • Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation Symptoms, statistics, and treatments for various cancers:

  • National Cancer Institute Current and comprehensive cancer information from the US National Cancer Institute:

  • WebMD Timely health and medical news and information, providing credible health information:

  • How Cancer Grows
Follow the growth of a carcinoma from initial mutation to widespread metastasis in this feature from the NOVA: "Cancer Warrior" Web site:

The Genetic Science Learning Center has great resources about stem cells and how they may be used in medicine, including a game for you to play.

On the Right is a 7 minute video to explain why stem cells, especially embryonic stem cells, are such a big deal! (Don't get scared off by the discussion of genes in the very beginning)Smiley-02-june.gifThe second video shows how stem cells were used to grow a new heart!

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